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Performance improvement is a progressive endeavor in every organization. When an opportunity for improvement is identified Thomas Delaney Dortmund Jersey , the concerned stakeholders initiate an improvement project. The major purpose of an improvement project is to enhance the quality of services and the efficiency of the processes. The project under review regards Health care quality management at Memorial Hospital, which is a regional tertiary referral facility with a level I Trauma Centre. The project aims at seeking ways of improving the quality of care following the problems identified in the emergency department and the hospital at large. The hospital experiences patient gridlock in the daytime hours and the patients wait for long thereby fail to receive the required medical screening examination on time. Some patients leave the hospital before the completion of the service, and also Sokratis Papastathopoulos Dortmund Jersey , the hospital receives reduced revenues due to improper documentation. Other problems are diminished admissions and revenue as a result of the gridlock. As a result of the problems experienced at the hospital, the board resolved to carry out an improvement project aimed at improving the quality of care. The research paper provides a discussion of how the board can determine if there is a quality of care problem at the hospital. Also included is whether there is responsibility regarding the issue.
The core mission of a hospital is to provide quality care to the patients. The quality of care has different dimensions that range from the access to health care and professional competence to a conducive environment for the provision of care services. The main challenges arise in the event of direct harm to the patients due to compromised quality of care or the indirect harm due to lost opportunity to receive quality services (Ingraham, Richards Shinji Kagawa Dortmund Jersey , Hall & Ko, 2010). The hospitals and other institutions are governed by boards of directors composed of members with limited knowledge about the constituents of health care delivery. However, they have the mandate to ensure that there is a high quality of care. The board ought to use best practices for pursuing quality initiatives at the hospital.
Use of Dashboards
One of the methods to determine whether there is a problem of the quality of care is to use dashboards. The board should use performance dashboards to quantify and determine the quality of care provided in the hospital. A dashboard is a data visualization tool that shows the present status of metrics and key performance indicators for an enterprise. The hospital board should answer certain questions about the quality status of the hospital by use of the dashboard. For instance Sergio Gomez Dortmund Jersey , the board ought to offer ready explanations for the questions: 鈥渉ow good is the hospital; and How do you know about it?鈥?The dashboard helps to interpret the loads of data presented to the hospital boards. The dashboards should be customized to have the details of the every department within the hospital to show the specific scorecards. For effectiveness, the dashboards can regularly be reviewed in the meetings. The quality status at the hospital is easy to identify by analyzing the scores presented on the dashboard.
The dashboards ought to have a human input by focusing on the patient and using actual accounts of harm to the patients. The use of actual accounts other than rates helps to provide the present status of the quality of services offered. The dashboard can report a metric about medication error rate as .005% which appears insignificant. However, the use of the actual figures like 29 patients experienced erroneous medications in the last three months is more realistic. The specific patient effects and data give a true reflection of the quality of care at the hospital other than the generalized reporting methods (Kroch Sebastian Rode Dortmund Jersey , Duan, Silow-Carroll & Meyer, 2010). Other events that have a direct impact on the patient should be reported to the board thereby giving an actual status of the hospital.
The board ought to drive the hospital towards a culture of safe and effective quality of care. The dashboards have excellent tools for monitoring the improvement by displaying performance measures Roman Weidenfeller Dortmund Jersey , and the defined processes for increasing quality. The dashboard should have what the board regards as important about quality and establish and assess a small number of measures updated regularly. The board should also work closely with the quality and compliance leaders for easy analysis of the dashboard. The quality and compliance leaders help the board to understand large amounts of data on safety, mortality, efficiency Roman Burki Dortmund Jersey , and infection control; and encourage the members to question about it. The quality and compliance leaders analyze the data and distinguish the indicators to improve and to monitor (Draycott, Sibanda, Laxton Raphael Guerreiro Dortmund Jersey , Winter, Mahmood & Fox, 2010).
The use of statistics
The board can use statistics that measure the quality of successful operation at the hospital. The hospital gathers different data on the nature of the services offered at the hospital through reviews and patient feedback that is vital in assessing whether there is a problem of quality. The statistics regard the physicians and the staff to enable them improves on the quality practices. The data requires being presented to the board of governance to enhance engagement in the quality issues at the hospital. The board identifies the areas of concern and enacts strategies to address the issues at hand as well as laying out a clear roadmap for the implementation of an improvement project. The board should operate with quality initiatives for it to succeed in identifying the problem and strategies of addressing it appropriately.
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