5052 Aluminum Sheet
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5052 Aluminum Sheet

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Features of 5052 aluminum sheet

1, The main ingredient of this series aluminum sheet is magnesium element and the content is between 3% and 5%. It is also called aluminum magnesium alloy.

2, With its low density, it features high tensile strength and elongation.

3, This series aluminum sheet is a commonly used and mature series in China.

5052 Aluminum Sheet - Superior corrosion resistance, good weldability, with excellent formability, makes 5052 Aluminum Sheet a common choice for chemical, marine or saltwater applications.

5052 Aluminum Sheet applications include: tanks, marine hardware, boat hulls, etc.

Application of 5052 aluminum plate?

Building, curtain wall, ceiling, panels, transformers, food packaging, air conditioning, condenser, air filter, refrigerators, washing machines, solar energy, automobile manufacturing, ship manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, electric equipment such as cosmetic packaging, machinery manufacturing industry, can also be used in power plants, chemical anti-corrosion insulation in petrochemical industry, etc.
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